The staff at U.S Medical Licensing understand how difficult it can be to find the time to complete a lengthy application and license renewal processes as busy physicians. To free up your time and allow you to focus on your patients and your practice, let our experts manage your physician license renewal or application.

As doctors in the United States are aware, each state has different board rules when it comes to licensing requirements as well as eligibility. The specialists at our physician licensing service work with these eligibility and licensing requirements on a daily basis, saving our clients the time needed to research and understand the various procedures, requirements, and processes.

Through our physical license application service, we complete the long application form with the information you provide. Our team is able to find names, addresses, and information for references, education, and employers, saving you considerable time and frustration.

Some physician licensing companies focus on completing the application, but we provide a much wider range of services. We ensure you are aware of all documentation required when you submit the application, dramatically decreasing the chance of requests for additional verification and documentation which can slow down the application process.

Our licensing experts will also follow up with the various boards and licensing entities, ensuring your application is moving through the system. Finally, should additional materials, explanations or adjustments to the application be required, we are here to ensure it is completed and resubmitted, helping our clients to obtain licenses or renewals in the shortest possible time.

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