How long can I expect the process to take?

The processing time will vary from state to state. There are some high-volume states, that may take a little longer to review your profile, depending on your individual history and the number of applications that the board is processing at the time when you apply. When using our service, the entire medical license application process for physician averages 2 to 3 months for most states and 1 to 2 months for nurses. US Medical Licensing takes all the necessary measures to make sure that your license application is processed as quickly as possible.

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How would I benefit using US Medical Licensing services?

Our service will make the license application process fast, easy and hassle free for you.

Without our help, here are some of the distractions that you can expect to spend your time:

  • Researching state board rules, eligibility requirements and licensure process.
  • Researching names, addresses and phone numbers of all education facilities, hospitals, and employers.
  • Completing long and complex applications.
  • Time-Consuming requesting verifications.
  • Following up repeatedly with the state boards and all the verification entities.
  • Re-submitting application materials, adjustments and explanations letters.

US Medical Licensing handles those headaches, we are devoted to obtaining your medical license as quickly as possible. We are here to handle any issue that may occur.

As a new customer, we ask you to complete a simple form that will provide us with the information needed to prepare your medical license application and obtain the appropriate supporting documentation. 

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Is my personal information protected with US Medical Licensing?

Definitely! Because we work with sensitive information to precisely process your medical license application. We take your privacy seriously and in addition to every ethical measure to ensure your security and confidentiality, our website and database is tested daily for security vulnerabilities. All your information and transactions remain 100% confidential. Your information will never be sold to any third party for marketing purpose.

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What is my involvement with the process?

In most cases all that is required of you is to sign and notarize the application after we have completed it. Some medical boards require that you provide a couple photos of yourself, and a background check that requires you to complete a fingerprint card at your local police station. Our goal is to make the medical license process fast, easy and hassle free for you.

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Are your fees all inclusive?

Our fee includes filling out your application and the necessary verification forms, requesting supported documentation and submitting your application to the State Board. It also includes unlimited follow up with the State Boards and all the verification entities. All the medical agencies require you to pay for the medical boards application fee, verifications and shipping related expenses. However other medical licensing companies charge you for each page faxed/copied along with any long-distance phone calls and attorney style billing. We believe in being clear on what services we provide and fees that we charge up front.

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What state(s) can I become licensed in by using your service?

US Medical Licensing provides medical licensure assistance for all medical and nursing state boards in the United States.

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Why should I use US Medical Licensing over another company?

US Medical Licensing donates 10% of our service fee to the Alzheimer’s Organization.

Our company offers the best value and delivers on our promises. We have the experience, trustworthiness, and resources to better assist you.

You will work with your own licensure specialist that walks you through the process and would keep you constantly updated about your medical license.

We take your privacy seriously; all your information is secure and protected with us.

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